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We pride ourselves on delivering these three key ingredients to our clients to ensure their projects and communities get the results they want:

Product development

We will recognise your individual product and add value by enhancing and development each unique used case’

Promotion and exposure

With over 60 years of marketing experience, we know how to build your brand and deliver results by ensuring maximum market penetration

Community building and engagement

We know that the key to every successful project is not only about building a community but also developing a committed and engaging fan base.

About Us

who we are

The Crypto Marketing Company was founded on the vision of enhancing the landscape of the Crypto and Block chain space.
We have over 60 years direct marketing experience across all the major marketing platforms working with some of the most recognised brands within the industry.
We have a deep passion for everything marketing! and that shines through on every project we work on regardless of size.

Some companies
we’ve helped grow

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Social Media Management

We recognise that social media platforms are constantly evolving and are pivotal in providing our clients with opportunities they can’t afford to miss! The social media channels we work with allow you to have direct conversations with your community, including what they want to see from you, how they want to see it, and what best results you can provide for them.

Search Engine Optimization

We can help grow your crypto project with the right SEO service for you! Every product or project can benefit from SEO, but one size does not fit all. We tailor-make our SEO strategies to fit in with our clients’ individual needs, wants and desires.

Blog Management

Why Blog? Blogging is a fantastic way to show off your product! From telling us about how your project was born to your unique use-case, blogs can tell your very own story in a matter of minutes! Captivate your audience and have them enthralled from the very first sentence.

Reddit and Forum Management

We recognise that there are plenty of benefits that come with a strong community management strategy.
Our main community channels are:
  • Telegram
  • Reddit
  • Discord


PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is an essential way to advertise your project. While SEO works with search engines to channel organic traffic to your site, PPC offers a more direct route. This type of marketing is not subject to changes in search engine algorithms., which means that you don’t need to update your PPC ads as often and you can benefit from a more constant stream of traffic.

Public Relations

With decades of experience within the media industry, we understand the importance of PR! Not only is PR a valuable marketing tool to attract a wide-ranging audience to your project, but it builds on credibility and trust to your community.


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